Minetto Elementary

Minetto Elementary

Minetto Elementary School

Julie Kimmel-Gorman, Principal

About the School

No one can pinpoint exactly when the first school began in Minetto but it is believed that Minetto School District #3 started sometime in the 1860's. The Minetto School was chartered in 1905 as the Minetto Union Free School. The Minetto Union Free School was in existence until 1963 when it became known as Minetto School, part of the Enlarged City District of Oswego. In the 1990's we paved the way for inclusion of all students in our classrooms which has lead to a very unique and diverse population of students.

Art Teacher

Crystal Mason

Teacher Statement

I have been teaching in Minetto since 1999 so basically since the last millennium! My favorite thing about teaching is getting to try new things almost every day. What I hope for my students is that they enjoy and like creating art. I want them to feel emotionally supported and valued as people.