Banners on Display Around the City of Oswego June through October, 2021

Banners are up at three different locations – Breitbeck Park, City Hall (W. 1st St.) and on E. Cayuga St. at intersection with E. 1st St.


Banner Locations


11 Banners – Breitbeck Park
  • Charles E. Riley Elementary —  Arianna, Jazzamae, and Layla.
  • Frederick Leighton Elementary — Kendall, Riley, Adilynne, Wesley, Izaiah, Joey, LeeAnne, and Owen
  • Kingsford Park Elementary — Amara, Carter, Mia, and Lexie
  • Minetto Elementary — Marissa, Raven, Nathan, Priya, Davis, Cali, and Alina
  • Oswego Middle School — Ethan, Alexis, Cheyenne, Oliveah, James, Jetta, and Nolan
  • Oswego High School — Emily B, Maddox, Haley, Emma, Bailey, Emily P., and Dalya


2 Banners – Near City Hall at the Corner on W. Oneida & W. 1st St.
  • Charles E. Riley Elementary —  Angel, Addalynn, and Addison
  • Kingsford Park Elementary — Yoshuan, Edyn, and Amy


6 Banners – Cayuga St. at the corner of E. 1st St.
  • Charles E. Riley Elementary —  Marbielynn and Skylar
  • Fitzhugh Park Elementary — AJ, Natalie, Julie, Ethan, Ryliegh, Elijah, Nathan, Chris, Robert, Braydin, Toby, & Ryan
  • Kingsford Park Elementary — George and Eve
  • Minetto Elementary — Wyatt, Alex, Madelynn, and Mason
  • Oswego Middle School — Gavin and Madison